The Parenthetical

love notes suicide

how do you honor someone you love you respect you appreciate? you craft the depth and live. -gelle Advertisements Continue reading

lovejones / work in progress

being in love ain’t easy

Love is delightful but not to be taken lightly. Falling in love is easy; it’s kismet, you can’t manufacture its chemistry. It just is. Staying in love, not so easy. It’s here where we begin to manufacture that which can’t be. Gets hard as hell. I’d still prefer it. Continue reading

six's soft opening / The Parenthetical

when I wake up

Is there one of us who knows exactly what she’s doing? Or is it that some of us possess the organization and the discipline to look like we do? I have no clue what I’m doing (or what I’m talking about most of the time) so I wonder who else is faking it until she … Continue reading