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g does it all

was listening to j live’s ‘his own self’. he wrote, arranged, mixed, produced, took photos for, mastered, et cetera the record, hence the title, which also serves as a double entendre, ‘his own self’. that man is Pisces. pisces get a bad rep in this society because we are uber emotional and humane. society shuns … Continue reading


three years ago, today

i fell in love at whiskey. Continue reading

aint scared of you motherfarmers / becoming / finding my voice / talk yo shit

gotta damn headache

my dear aunt eloise, today I bow down to you. today I got it, eloise. today is when I begin to say: get out of my house. I’m going to the back room and when I return, you had better be gone. -gelle, who knows that not one single person has EVER stayed to find out … Continue reading

aint scared of you motherfarmers / finding my voice / g g g g g g


badu said: green tea and incense will turn into colt 45 and a pack of newports indeed, it will. don’t be fooled. women like me are gentle and kind and open and empathetic and loving and magnetic but, women like me are rough around the edges. women like me are patient, but arrive at the point … Continue reading