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angie – new & improved

Happy 45th Birthday to the oldest of the 6. Her birthday is exactly 6 months after mine, 6 months before mine and she’s 6 years older than I am for 6 months. We are extreme opposites, however on paper, it’s easy to get the two of us confused because we have many, many things in … Continue reading

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i am so proud of me

I speak up. I stand up. I question. I do not accept your word for it. I will not let you get away with disrespecting me. I challenge. I let it go. Continue reading

The Parenthetical

bitch(es) (ain’t shit)?

i am a fan of words. i am a fan of words that have been used to tear down, these are words to reclaim. these are words that can used to rebuild. words that are used to empower. bitch. informal. verb. to express displeasure. to grumble. urban. verb. to exclaim hardship. urban. noun. a person … Continue reading

character & spirit

rumi, a poem of quotables 5 august

i want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think. be melting snow. wash yourself of yourself. as you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets clearer and clearer. from love the soul learns a thousand lessons that can never be learned in schools. do you not … Continue reading

finding my voice / The Parenthetical

they know not

when you stop tolerating the bullshit your people, the blood suckers, the vibe killers, the energy stealers, the friends who aren’t really your friends, the imposters– they (are mad!!!!!! — are somewhere in the corner like wtf is this bitch!!!!!! — pride be hurtin’ ’em!!!!!!) know not what to do. -gelle, who declares hell yes, … Continue reading

finding my voice

self love

self love self confidence self worth is often confused with selfishness. selfish chickadees, however do not really love themselves. think about it. they are often insecure. period. and I don’t mean the kind of insecure that we all feel sometimes. I mean insecure – expecting things to fall along a certain line and trying to … Continue reading

who gon check me boo?

women, hypocritical?

in a world where women are dismissed disrespected, mistreated, lied to, lied on there are those whose men are a great support, a great partner, a champion for her cause and she dismisses, disrespects, mistreats, lies to, lies on him. -gelle, who’s shaking her head because y’all detract from the cause. more than happy to be … Continue reading