The Parenthetical

I see stupid people.

this piece of shit that I dealt with

during my experiment

lied on me – this was supposed to be fun. oh, the lessons. oh, the curse, that keeps on cursing

he’s so stupid

don’t he know how dope it was to experience me? (I did that bitch a favor. if ever you have to call a man — ahem a little boy a bitch ((the goal is to say bitch six times in this post – count them – did I make it?)), he’s pretty bad.)

you wouldn’t like me when i’m angry.


who got lied on, disrespected and threatened A LOT by a piece of shit bitch who had the nerve to contact me on facebook.

who cursed that ass out though. broke it down so it could forever be broke. will continue to defend herself. wasted good energy and kindness on an ain’t shitter.

who “was ackin’ funny at the Raekwon show”. didn’t even see him. just learned today that he was there.

who will never utter that bitch’s name again – nothing more to see here. officially cut off any chance of correspondence today – admitted she was a part of the problem and now is ready to be part of the solution. experiments.

who regrets some of her experimenting with bitch ass ninja fuck boys but not really because she has never experienced this before. happily learns her lessons.

who most definitely, learned something new and swears out that this is indeed a poem. the use of don’t instead of doesn’t proves it.

The Parenthetical, #BeGelly


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