aint scared of you motherfarmers / becoming / who gon check me boo?

divine timing

as I work out all my mess and redefine my relationships, boundaries how I have chosen to be loved I have experienced the most divine timing today, it was bahby & eric yesterday, it was omi (again) and before that justice, kris, desiree, quan, donica, journe, darryl, ira, drina… what i’ve learned is when you … Continue reading

raw / What good do your words do if they can't understand you? / who gon check me boo?

confrontational v. passive aggressive

here I am resorting to passive aggressiveness because my ability to challenge + confront and therefore, offend non-confrontational people is looked upon as aggressive, holding on, sensitive. so I have to go and change myself so that you feel more comfortable? and overlook offensive bullshit?  nope. I’m not gon be able to do it. you … Continue reading

finding my voice / work in progress

higher self

i figured it out. my purity in intention stems from an organic mode of operating in the higher self. i sustained a decade + long friendship with a person who operates in her lower self and i tried to save her while not being true to myself. long-suffering. no honest challenge to her. overlooking because … Continue reading

work in progress

6 words about libra

I have finally figured it out. It’s hit or miss with Libra. It’s either love or hate Libra. My daddy was one. Shirpocrite, two. New friend who I trust, three. Crazy chickadee who I don’t, four. -gelle, who only has respect for three. a facade, the scales are imbalanced. Advertisements Continue reading