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you can’t you don’t have to you shouldn’t want to govern it. she’s an angry black woman and when she’s fed up there ain’t nothing you can do about it.   -gelle, who’s focused again. remembers that karma is the baddest bitch. Advertisements Continue reading

who gon check me boo?


I have decided I will move all publicly private free writes existing in dark corners having not been shared, non-affirming as a result of not having been shared back to the light of day. eventually. -gelle, who’ll get to it when it’s important enough to call her since she is trusting the amazing intuition that … Continue reading

becoming / character & spirit

words, breath + affirmation

words are important to me. I’m moving from my role as an absorb-er or consumer to that of a producer however, in order to relate to the broader world and to then, meet myself or my students where they are, it’s essential to value and assess what has come before. this morning, whilst having a … Continue reading

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book titles: momma said write it out

update dec 15 2017: i had just written that i could not find this post and that i was going to look for it. then i found it in my history. i am going to leave it like it was as of the last time i revised it in 2016. i am looking back because … Continue reading

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peppermint tea

I am drinking the most delicious peppermint tea made from a bottle on the shelf with nothing else save a few drops of peppermint + lots of hot water, for me. -gelle, who is minding her business, focused. Advertisements Continue reading

character & spirit

jealousy + projecting

never had I thought she was jealous of me. naivete its definition — to assume that the next woman is much like you and therefore, not jealous and therefore, encouraging and therefore, your cheerleader even. now I know. oh. -gelle, who shines when you shine but amethyst, black obisidian, black tourmaline, axinite, citrine, smoky quartz, … Continue reading



hey dad remember what you said would happen to me if I’d keep eating all those bananas? hey dad I am not a banana. I am watermelon, sugar. I am coconut, I am mango. I have eaten the stars’ fruit, I have savored the moon — I have drunk my salty tears and now I … Continue reading