60 days / call out culture / control drama / diversion / name your assailant / TFAL: to file a lawsuit

back in your court of public opinion [Facebook]

unless I am forced to take her to a court of law, at which time I will produce every document sent to me for this silly shit … Two weeks ago, Louisha Barnette of Pure Love Yoga, formerly known as Peach Cobbler Yoga, posted an Open Letter to Angel Dozier here on Facebook. The letter … Continue reading

60 days / talk yo shit / TFAL: to file a lawsuit

on second thought: lies about marriage and concerns for children

i’m not so sure that a person who can lie really well, using partial truths to drive a certain narrative is highly intelligent. in fact, they must be some kind of stupid in order to think that people believe them. especially when the story changes so much. if one tells me and a room full … Continue reading