aint scared of you motherfarmers

on authenticity: re-opening + living our best lives

i love jessamyn stanley. i barely know her, let’s be clear, but her spirit, her authentic i-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-that-bullshit self is so so so amazing and honest. for those of us who deal primarily in the spirit realm, we understand this love — we don’t ask for explanations. and the bullshit? the ridiculous standards and conditioning in … Continue reading

ars gratia ars

i love you like

the number eight tassili’s punany with black love stew like, going back to Saturn where there are rainbow moonbeams and snow, always i love you like the number eight like the sun and the full moon. like fresh water. like city lights and samba before late night bica and… breath. i love you like green. … Continue reading

how to rise above so you don't choke a bitch / side eye / who gon check me boo?


desperation is defined by those who create deceptive narratives in order to cover their own inadequacies, it is not full of wonder. it does not see everyone’s value. desperation does not uplift its people. desperation pretends, leeches and then, destroys. desperation does not speak the truth. it lies on you and then lies to your … Continue reading

So Good

honey child

yesterday, the sweetest thing I’d known all day the sweetest thing with her face, discriminating… discerning the sweetest thing with her face, raising her not-even-two-year-old brow questioning, wondering with her purity, her innocence… the omniscience with which we are all born her gaze fixed, her wobbly stance unmovable, her brow still arising as if to … Continue reading

becoming / character & spirit / So Good

a bluebird in my dream flying, flitting

it was simple and picturesquely modern. the bluebird came through an open window pane, flew above my left eye… it was positive, and seemingly, inviting me out. interpretations: Birds in dreams usually represent transcendence and freedom as we overcome issues. Unusual or rare birds often symbolize very specific behaviors, attitudes, and thinking patterns we have. … Continue reading