walk out

he walked out today not saying goodbye feeling the anger by association ready to fight, he walked out an indirect disrespect towards the other victim he walked out today, not saying goodbye, feeling the anger by association, owning disgust his mother displays he walked out and didn’t say goodbye. that is what happens when lies … Continue reading

character & spirit

major keys

at this point, I believe I have dealt with 4 psycho/sociopaths in my life. 2 of them, siblings. 2 of them acquaintances that initially, appeared positive, experimental or promising. all of them charming at first. all of them, explosive, disruptive, destructive, and narcissistic at last. my latest experience with a person who I believe is … Continue reading


work 5x

i give on the front end i give it all from the beginning and then, when my effort is taken for granted, when the love is not recognized as such, I get tired i’m tired. i am blessed, but I am extremely tired. educator. mother. lover. fighter. effort. work… faith. what it takes to get … Continue reading



last night I reconciled with truth about past love, past experiments and past explorations it still feels incomplete did I really look at myself in the mirror? did Oya & Yemaya sweep it all away in the glimmer of the waning moon, the wind and the fire? — gelle, who is holding on during the … Continue reading