I won my first writing award in college. I wrote about the accident I had had on my 12th birthday. In 1988, I was taking a happy-birthday call from my best friend Amanda. I went to the kitchen to take the call. My brother had just finished scrambling eggs and left the front burner on. … Continue reading

work in progress

got no thing on me

14, income tax preparer, family business (yes, I did real income tax forms and I did them correctly at age 14) 14, office assistant, family business 16, layaway specialist, roses 18, pharmacy specialist, cvs 19, credit analyst, bank of america 19, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, afaa and uncg 21, researcher, reebok 23, … Continue reading


more on psychopaths, the word used interchangeably with sociopaths

this works very well and there is obviously a commonality among the many lives impacted by crazy bitches, even though i am not necessarily on that crazy bitch name-calling thing anymore. even tho… this is most definitely an illness and a problem that must be addressed. good to know someone else knows: https://psychopathyawareness.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/dangerous-mind-games-how-psychopaths-manipulate-and-deceive –gelle, #growth … Continue reading


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1994,today. i graduated from high school, had a two year old, heard Juicy for the first time. new yoga friends got me here. funkdafied. 1990, for the longest. edutainment. mama said knock you out. fear of a black planet. people’s instinctive travels and paths of rhythm, amerikkka’s most wanted. clean, radio versions… broomstick legs, too … Continue reading