a.i. talking about practice / becoming / reimagining, reconceptualizing

aloe, apple & avocado

ujamaa. protection & luck, but not luck as we’ve come to understand it. survive where no other life would and provide healing, sustenance, comfort love, healing, immortality you are magic and the stuff of folklore i sense a theme love, lust, and beauty you are black stars skin deep, absorbing and then radiating light housed … Continue reading

becoming / character & spirit / free right, free write / reimagining, reconceptualizing

six pot soup & grilled cheese

collard greens, kale, mushroom caps, turmeric, red onion black pepper. a love brew… pot liquor, sopped by grilled cheese ujima suggests we are to work together cooperatively you are divine together, dope together. green, protein, iron all plant based heart center aventurine cleanse us that our strength be renewed and together we rise. –gelle, who … Continue reading

character & spirit / control drama / side eye / woke

introspection, honey traps & crowns

while there is dual or perhaps multiple meaning in my use of honey trap, i can’t help but to think about how the violence of untruth leads to a cycle of violence and how in-authenticity masqueraded as authenticity is rampant and destructive… unnecessarily destructive but validation though. fear and validation. it is much harder to … Continue reading


numbers on facebook 2

in 2094 magenta jetted off to the rock of jibralter from what was formally known as raleigh and entered her conclave, waved her pointer and middle finger three times to call her novagenarian grandfather to confirm her safe arrival the amethyst geodes arose like antenna and the classic insecure was on marathon how she loved … Continue reading