love on the brain

when it’s gone gone crazy or just gone when everything that made no sense becomes nothing that makes senseĀ  where did the love go? in the confusion, the ignorance of truth… in the damage that was done the light and the love have gone there. it doesn’t come back without acknowledgement of the stealth, black … Continue reading

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alternative facts

or partial truths are frankly, lies. — gelle, who hates purveyors of the sin #abuse #antisocial #borderline #charm #disorder #empath #game #gaslighting #intelligence #liar #lies #manipulation #manipulative #mindfuck #narcissist #personality #personalitydisorder #projection #psychology #psychopath #sociopath #triangulation Continue reading

character & spirit / create / woke

letters to friends

You know how to connect. With the masses. With the multitudes. Through your empathy. Through your ability to pour yourself into the shoes of many souls. Your sensitivity is needed in a world that feels increasingly callous. You know that your sensitivity attunes you to the unseen, intuiting the potential that hangs in the air. … Continue reading

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patterns & release.

Release 2016. Patterns are important. I noticed I had begun to release friends who exhibited this behavior, only to build new relationships with people who exhibited the same behavior. We all have our issues and because of my own, I’m not interested in living my 40s+ riddled with drama. I like drama on the stage, … Continue reading

control drama / diversion

on the brain damage psychopaths do

and how that damage affects everyone around you… a friend sent me and another person a note saying we were on [their] mind. the first thought i had was memory of a psychotic drama that had been taking place, privately and subtly, for months prior. that psychotic drama had begun to manifest itself in public, … Continue reading