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people like me

people like mebecause I am who I ampeople like me do not like people who perform people like me because performance has an expiration date and a karmic debtpeople like me because people like meknow each other and we know whose time is coming up. –gelle, who sees and humbly submits to the Universe for … Continue reading

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creating realities

when I conjured youthe witness to my lifeit was all I knewa manifestationof what I could do had I knownto do better because beyond the sky is the limitit was beautiful and a miragenow I know what to do best. –gelle, who creates her own realities. Continue reading

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i don't want to be strongin the sensethat it scales mestrips memakes a skeleton of mehardens meand polishes me roboticthat kind of strength has killed meone thousand timesand they said I enjoyed it. –gelle, who was taught by Zora Advertisements Continue reading

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broken beads & broken glass

the Universe saysthe medicine has workedyou should go to the Black Starand livelife as you were created to livelife — your dream — the cobalt & turquoise glass birds were flying high to the left just above the trestle near the culture-rich imports store. go and you will find Me there. –gelle, who is going. … Continue reading

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on scapegoating

to cover up your own inadequaciestake responsibility for your messbe honest with yourselfor you'll carry it like a ton of cinder blocks everywhere and heap it on the innocent who'll carry it everywhere and heap it on the innocentyou, the bloodsucker are the creator of bloodsuckers –gelle, who sees how it works Advertisements Continue reading


she gave me joy

at rehearsal, we were to block ourselves transition from good cop, bad cop, anxiety…humanize the playersall things in which I'm a natural but practicing& embodying evil, or my perception of it during a time I could feel this silent anguish, a silent howling heather gave me joy and I shut downI could not find my … Continue reading

becoming / dope

on balancing beginnings

I've been ready for the endTo beginagain.A generational curse, broken.I am Divinely supported now.and now, I'm encouraged. again. Advertisements Continue reading