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girl 6. she’s gotta have it + the themes in them all.

have you noticed how things seemingly unrelated have the same vibe?

spike lee movies are some of my favorites. it is because they were constantly challenging me to think, to be conscious when i was far from there– they were changing the game and making space for difficult but necessary conversation.

after watching she’s gotta have it on netflix a few weeks ago (perfect timing on thanksgiving break by the way) i watched she’s gotta have it the original. while i won’t go into depth (i’ll need to be doing that more consistently some day) i will say i noticed the collisions: nostalgia, familiarity, the inclusion of current events, how things modern day were things we grappled with then, and how right now, right now we or let me just talk about me… i am at a higher degree in thought, process, and application of those challenging, conscious, game-changing themes in my own life in my own way.

i choose me. although i have never been thirsty for a man, and neither was nola darling, i couldn’t help but to wonder why her character was presented as this free, independent, sex positive black woman in control of her body and why she was also depicted as having been fragile, hurt or having issues with men, love, and whatever else at the same time.

i’m guessing this is about the duality that lives in each of us. i know for sure that is what it’s about for me. like i said a few posts ago, i can think you are a piece of shit and still wish you a happy birthday. i mean them both, sincerely. is this what i need to see in other folks and why i get real mad about somebody smiling in my face and talking behind my back? is it the same thing? perhaps not exactly but the theme is the same. the vibe is the same. hm. what is there to learn? just like in girl 6, theresa randle’s character discovered, rediscovered, and uncovered some things in herself –she switched gears because she would not compromise the ownership of her body for an acting gig (her dream, what she believed to be her life’s work), started a phone sex job because she needed to pay her bills, pulled off phone sex like a pro, still compromising herself in more than one way. and for obligation, not love. (she didn’t lie about obligation v. love tho. of note. i just had a flashback. *rolls eyes* anyway…) yet, the lessons from all of these things combined gave way to her personal agency. created the space for her higher. she ascended or arose to a higher degree by the end of the movie. she went back to reclaim her dignity. she reclaimed her time on the alchemy that can only come through our journeying. and if we are honest and brave about facing hard truths. there is so much beauty here. she had to have it too.

for respectability politicking negroes, these themes are not impressive however. that’s because these folks are not yet capable of identifying and managing their growth and development. wack, bougee mentalities, limited thinking, judgment… tied to the isms that seem to keep them safe. there has to be someone out there taking the risk, changing the conversation, saying the shit we know needs to be said, and doing the work we know needs to be done.

that’s why i support pierce freelon for durham. he won’t be the mayor this new year (i’m actually happy about steve schewel’s win– the universe has got style), but these portraits taken during the campaign are transferable as is my support in this next endeavor as city councilman. seems unrelated, huh? it is not.


–gelle, who is flying free as a vessel for changing the game too, wearing a games of thrones dress i had to have.


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