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attention: update to a november post in july

from my mercury retrograde release journal on 7/8/18: two different people shared with me that a coward had been saying I’m making posts for likes and seeking attention. at the time I was addressing it passive aggressively because that was the energy that started it. Sometimes I address gossip, sometimes I don’t. I came to … Continue reading



All these people want to beef with you to be relevant. It kinda works tho. It is just such a shame that that’s the only option. Low energy ya know? It’s also good exercise for an Olympian — an Angela Davis of the comebacks and the send backs in training. It’s great exercise in fact. … Continue reading

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watch your language 3

angel dozier is learning who and what to keep and who and what to throw away. angel dozier is also learning that these are the distractions that keep her from reaching her higher. i mean, how many mcs must get dissed? i am not about that life. people talk about you negatively and stir up … Continue reading

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no excuse

being abused and disappointed in any form is never an excuse for abusing and disappointing like maya angelou , jill scott and my moma said, i want my children to be smarter than me. confront that shit. confrontation is so much better than ignoring in the name of “moving on” and lying. be honest. for … Continue reading