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I’d like to introduce myself…

A-N-G-E-L I-S-E-T. Happy Birthday to Queen Latifah! Pisces season is wrapping up but not without necessary changes. Mercury Rx during this time has me reviewing what freedom is + Latifah’s contributions to hiphop and every other thing she’s dope at, as well as the contributions of people, especially black women’s, around me. Now, I’ve got … Continue reading


credit 1

I tend to acknowledge my inspirations or the people who have actively helped me do something successfully. I tend to cheer folk on. Even those who are secretly competing with me. I’m writing these rhymes because I want us all to win And I can do that and still make whatever I’m involved in shine. … Continue reading



psychosomatic illnesses. my brain hurts. my tummy hurts. i keep going to the bathroom. my teeth hurt. my ear hurts. i’m drowning but why am i here to tell it? cabin fever yet i can’t leave the house. drug myself to the bus to get my car and couldn’t seem to stay awake. so i … Continue reading