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don’t let the _______ fool ya

on February 27, 2018 around 5pm, Robyn L Curtis said to me, you know they say don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. my Moma taught me that and when i do let yall know that the left hand was doing, it is because i didn’t let the right know … Continue reading

finding my voice / lets be dope together

it’s amazing what you can get done… yeah, yeah, yeah.

truman supposedly said, it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit. i tend to agree with this, EXCEPT what about when other folks constantly take credit for your work as theirs without any acknowledgment? that’s not integrity to me. it’s true, i believe we are here to affirm ourselves. … Continue reading

in spirit and truth

coffee break.

there have been so many things i should have written about over the last few weeks. today, right now, i am taking a little break to write out a few thoughts.   changes are happening in me. in my life. and they are for the better. i know this. i’ve been knowing this. by and … Continue reading

talk yo shit

we’re notifying our top experts, they say…

update 2/11/2018 – it wasn’t wordpress. it was bluehost. i had them both on live chat at the same time since WP told me they don’t have access to BH. smh thinking about it. if the two don’t talk with each other, as in the two systems communicating back and forth to make this process … Continue reading

gas money / in spirit and truth

uncle ricky

today is his birthday. that may or may not be accurate because somehow it may have been feb 6. at any rate, today i woke up remembering him and i said to myself, happy birthday uncle ricky. he is here with me this morning. he said i was his favorite niece. this may or may … Continue reading

in spirit and truth / truth / truuuuue.


don’t ride the wave of someone else’s idea or accomplishments. instead, be inspired. you will not get the same results if you steal or ride waves. if you are inspired, you’re free to create your own energy surrounding the inspiration. it is an acknowledgment to the universe that you are ready for the next step … Continue reading


maybe we’re born with it

depression. angst. sorrow. pain. woke. understand that when you are woke you begin to question everything how incredibly confusing is it to grow up in a society that honors family, their mamas, their grandmamas, their dead, their everything and yet denied, separated, murdered, kept disconnected Black families as if we did not deserve the right … Continue reading