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pulling 29s. dharma.

2929 authentic vietnamese…2:29 arrival and 19:29 on time a few minutes ago. i now live in a whole new consciousness. i’m reading the signs and noting it here in my public private space. anyone, if they are looking, can access me and my truth here. should i die or disappear suddenly, i’d want people to have access to who i really am, the lessons i’ve learned, and the achievements i’ve made towards enlightenment. and because i need gas money (my project name) i’m listening right now. so it is. Continue reading

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this oprah speech tho, because nuance & patriarchy

it impacts us all. i am being a little in-your-face and self-righteous right now but really, I am so thankful to be in the number of women who see and believe and treat other women well. this system and these isms have made it difficult for women, especially black women to speak their truth and … Continue reading

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such a dope time

yesterday I solidified a new digital marketing contract before going off to sew with two cool people I am getting to know here in durham. the sewing, accented by lotita coffee liqueur, coffee, water and fresh herb salad sprinkled by pomegranate turned into a super dope photo shoot. i was comfortable and completely myself. we … Continue reading