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michael brown

batala got a citation for playing in central park noise ordinance the one that never existed in the city — an abandoned city where something was created from nothing it’s the same old story and gentrification is today colonization play your music the power of the drum if they ain’t never been to the ghetto … Continue reading

aint scared of you motherfarmers / control drama

let’s be dope together but you will catch this shade if need be

•••Parts Make Up The Whole. The part we oftentimes forget. Cast a spell to kill the crabs in a barrelentitlementcompetition mentalities.we do believe in healthy competition, y'all. we acknowledge it as INSPIRATION. know the difference. BALANCEknowing when to holdwhen to fold when to walk away. Self Care > Selfishness Understanding > EntitlementAcknowledgment > Disregard = … Continue reading

lasso of truth / magic


the blink and they're gone is intuitive, takes a few times for me to realize I'm doing it.when I saw Tricky, I blinked and they were took the third time I saw Tricky to realize that's what I was doing. Friday.Saturday, I saw another trick — they're moon.I blinked not realizing I hadmoved … Continue reading