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how big is your world? a scorpio energy influence.

scorpio sun scorpio moon a scorpio expansion to absolute power. scorpion. you are the energy to control an energy. it’s an attraction. a reverse control and a manipulation. do you know? recognition 7 acknowledgment is the key to your resolution. how big is your world? really? you so cool. i’ll let you breeze through that … Continue reading


Spend some of your resources on your healing. Spend some of your money on your emotional well-being. Spend some of your assets on what fills you with a feeling of connection to all that keeps you energetically un-stuck. –chani nicholas full moon, winter solstice 2018 for the ’19

Issues around money, worth, or your work are most-likely charged with an emotional intensity. Whether you are getting a bonus, or a pivotal professional reflection, December’s full moon wants to remind you that taking care of yourself in the process is of primary importance. Your drive to get a lot accomplished in your work this … Continue reading


talk about it. “the more we name what it is we are burdened with the less power it has over our being.” — chani nicholas

talk about it. it is not “giving it energy” if it is true. if you feel like something is wrong talk about it to determine if it really is. when you know something is wrong and the things or people causing you the burden are doing everything within its/their power to deny their role, you … Continue reading