aint scared of you motherfarmers / control drama

let’s be dope together but you will catch this shade if need be

•••Parts Make Up The Whole. The part we oftentimes forget. Cast a spell to kill the crabs in a barrelentitlementcompetition mentalities.we do believe in healthy competition, y'all. we acknowledge it as INSPIRATION. know the difference. BALANCEknowing when to holdwhen to fold when to walk away. Self Care > Selfishness Understanding > EntitlementAcknowledgment > Disregard = … Continue reading

aint scared of you motherfarmers

on authenticity: re-opening + living our best lives

i love jessamyn stanley. i barely know her, let’s be clear, but her spirit, her authentic i-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-that-bullshit self is so so so amazing and honest. for those of us who deal primarily in the spirit realm, we understand this love — we don’t ask for explanations. and the bullshit? the ridiculous standards and conditioning in … Continue reading