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watch your language 3

angel dozier is learning who and what to keep and who and what to throw away. angel dozier is also learning that these are the distractions that keep her from reaching her higher. i mean, how many mcs must get dissed? i am not about that life. people talk about you negatively and stir up … Continue reading

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no excuse

being abused and disappointed in any form is never an excuse for abusing and disappointing like maya angelou , jill scott and my moma said, i want my children to be smarter than me. confront that shit. confrontation is so much better than ignoring in the name of “moving on” and lying. be honest. for … Continue reading

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the heat: transformation to manifestation. a photo journal and a film.

when transformation becomes manifestation. today is the day. my sabbatical. 04.04.2018 a time of rest and review on the way to my higher. i made a film about it. here it go…   geesix practicing. a film of 1-2-3 second clips. • mercury retrograde blue moons and when salt nor beating it with a shoe puts … Continue reading

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42. A manifesto and where I’m from.

Today I’m 42. Because it’s my birthday, here is a manifesto and a where I’m from sprinkled with a Jackie Robinson and a psychic, poetic Piscean energy: I wish you so much love. I wish you reconciliation with your mother. Do what you’ve been talking about. Put your name on it. Be angry but work … Continue reading

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pulling 29s. dharma.

2929 authentic vietnamese…2:29 arrival and 19:29 on time a few minutes ago. i now live in a whole new consciousness. i’m reading the signs and noting it here in my public private space. anyone, if they are looking, can access me and my truth here. should i die or disappear suddenly, i’d want people to have access to who i really am, the lessons i’ve learned, and the achievements i’ve made towards enlightenment. and because i need gas money (my project name) i’m listening right now. so it is. Continue reading