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juicy. there is nothing special…

soundtrack: it was all a dream i used to read word up magazine… tonight i had a few thoughts. one is, there is nothing special about me. this is what i do and who i am. tonight, my friend followed me home. i am the d-d who can have one drink and still be the … Continue reading

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pulling 29s. dharma.

2929 authentic vietnamese…2:29 arrival and 19:29 on time a few minutes ago. i now live in a whole new consciousness. i’m reading the signs and noting it here in my public private space. anyone, if they are looking, can access me and my truth here. should i die or disappear suddenly, i’d want people to have access to who i really am, the lessons i’ve learned, and the achievements i’ve made towards enlightenment. and because i need gas money (my project name) i’m listening right now. so it is. Continue reading

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burning meditation on draft at IG

So we can be dope together. I’m sure no one loves it, but I I I I I I absolutely hate been lied on or manipulated. For my willingness to see your humanity to be taken for granted, for my ability to trust to be tainted. Lies take on a whole other narrative and can … Continue reading

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kind of been waiting on this from chani

all of these are her words. Full With The New Year (Full Moon in Cancer – January 1st) If we want to put out work in the world that moves people, stirs the senses, evokes a resiliency of spirit, creates currents of compassionate change, then we must be willing to heal all the places … Continue reading

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my word for 2018

i had no idea yoga with adriene did the 30-day camp or revolution or most of the 30-day yoga challenges in january. i just do them and start them when i am looking for release and mental clarity… i start and do what works for me. i may or may not finish the 30 days. … Continue reading


a letter to raven

love and light to you sister. someday soon we’ll be talking about all the light and love in our lives. thank you for being a source for us to work through the dark. thank you again for what you provide in terms of my looking at self. i forget sometimes that even the people i … Continue reading

clapback + stand up #metoo
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clapback + stand up #metoo

Alyssa Milano and now Minnie Driver checked Matt Damon. It was appropriate, intelligent and a little around-the-way-girl. This is fodder for my Angela Davis comebacks. There is another great article written by Shanita Hubbard shared on Fb. I’m putting them both here because I need them to be on my becoming journal. Raw or conscious … Continue reading