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no excuse

being abused and disappointed in any form is never an excuse for abusing and disappointing like maya angelou , jill scott and my moma said, i want my children to be smarter than me. confront that shit. confrontation is so much better than ignoring in the name of “moving on” and lying. be honest. for … Continue reading

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getting on with it.

when your friend dies. when your children are targeted. when your community is broken, traumatized again and again. and when you still have work to do. clean house. feed families. practice breathing because you are human you know, when you get on with it because you have to clean house feed families practice breathing you … Continue reading

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the heat: transformation to manifestation. a photo journal and a film.

when transformation becomes manifestation. today is the day. my sabbatical. 04.04.2018 a time of rest and review on the way to my higher. i made a film about it. here it go…   geesix practicing. a film of 1-2-3 second clips. • mercury retrograde blue moons and when salt nor beating it with a shoe puts … Continue reading

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42. A manifesto and where I’m from.

Today I’m 42. Because it’s my birthday, here is a manifesto and a where I’m from sprinkled with a Jackie Robinson and a psychic, poetic Piscean energy: I wish you so much love. I wish you reconciliation with your mother. Do what you’ve been talking about. Put your name on it. Be angry but work … Continue reading

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this oprah speech tho, because nuance & patriarchy

it impacts us all. i am being a little in-your-face and self-righteous right now but really, I am so thankful to be in the number of women who see and believe and treat other women well. this system and these isms have made it difficult for women, especially black women to speak their truth and … Continue reading