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heard them say

two different women who have been passive aggressive with me, these two different women have been connected to the cuckoo bird and to the stirring up of shit between other women and yet perched themselves on high, pious, self righteously stinking but they didn’t seem to know it and both women said to me, at … Continue reading

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on releasing: comedy & amusing myself when i’m feeling petty

I’ve been posting a performance art piece, a series I’ve been calling self: on the daily. I’ve also been posting other aspects of my life as I transform and grow into my power. I’ve been working through a gen x self promo ideal and have come out of my secret places in an effort to … Continue reading

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let’s be dope together but you will catch this shade if need be

•••Parts Make Up The Whole. The part we oftentimes forget. Cast a spell to kill the crabs in a barrelentitlementcompetition mentalities.we do believe in healthy competition, y'all. we acknowledge it as INSPIRATION. know the difference. BALANCEknowing when to holdwhen to fold when to walk away. Self Care > Selfishness Understanding > EntitlementAcknowledgment > Disregard = … Continue reading

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on users

say, if you like get jealous because your best friend has a new Friend and you no longer have all of her attentionand you rebound with a new best friendand invite her to the islandsand take lots of picsposting, posing…do you thinkthat some dayyour new best friendwho doesn't know she's your new best friendbecause she … Continue reading