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i am an amethyst dream come true

and i became that with median by my side. that’s why people were jealous that’s why people gossiped that’s why people were like… #judgmental they saw what they had no idea they were seeing but i walked in to an amethyst dream with median by my side.   everything. every experience. every lie. every positive … Continue reading

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when i get rich financially.

when the money is in my hands and in my bank account and in my foundations the first thing i am going to do is settle my debts and then, take my family on a six week retreat for therapy. we will do yoga, we will eat lots of greens, and nuts, and exotic fruit, … Continue reading

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serendipity + sync-h-r-o-nicity

spells. spelling, serendipitous capture of the lady birds who have been visiting me to show that i am not.. well that i am crazy. today i got a witness. see my 6 definitions/connotations of crazy tho. i am crazy enough to believe in what i am yet to see. again and again and i trust … Continue reading

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today is a dope day

because lady birds + angels mural concept performance arts. I’ve got a coloring book stack and blessings keep falling in my lap cause I am getting my gas money. manna. give us us free our daily bread and lead us to the temple. us. fubu renaissance. angel wuz here in graffiti this is a repost … Continue reading

a.i. talking about practice / conjure / create / dope / jewels / visionary


how i changed my lower self post to address the petty i was feeling, turning darkness into light my higher self post scriptum on IG i made a point and researched the symbolism of the tangerine i found much science & primary source on this fruit, this gift given to me by beautiful sisters who … Continue reading

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michael brown

batala got a citation for playing in central park noise ordinance the one that never existed in the city — an abandoned city where something was created from nothing it’s the same old story and gentrification is today colonization play your music the power of the drum if they ain’t never been to the ghetto … Continue reading

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creating realities

when I conjured youthe witness to my lifeit was all I knewa manifestationof what I could do had I knownto do better because beyond the sky is the limitit was beautiful and a miragenow I know what to do best. –gelle, who creates her own realities. Advertisements Continue reading