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a cuckoo bird popped up to the pop up after I had popped up on video live streamand laughedloudly,for no reasonother than to be seenseeking my attention, I saw her, shook my head in embarrassment for her, then deemed her invisible. there was no thing funny. no thing to see. –gelle, whose tourmaline, labradorite and … Continue reading

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this is a seven

20 diversion tactics highly manipulative narcissists sociopaths and psychopaths use to silence you I won’t be silenced ever again will I have to heal from you’re damaged, I’m not damaged you are a carrier of the abuse you have grown accustomed to mysterious ways. energy recycles. –gelle, remembering. #abuse #antisocial #borderline #charm #disorder #empath … Continue reading

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alternative facts

or partial truths are frankly, lies. — gelle, who hates purveyors of the sin #abuse #antisocial #borderline #charm #disorder #empath #game #gaslighting #intelligence #liar #lies #manipulation #manipulative #mindfuck #narcissist #personality #personalitydisorder #projection #psychology #psychopath #sociopath #triangulation Continue reading

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on accountability, part 2 perhaps

i have found that people say they want accountability but oftentimes, those people want validation or a cosign for their bullshit i have had these moments and have recognized them in myself and because of that recognition, i have chosen to do better and ask myself constantly “are you sure this is what it is?” … Continue reading

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back in your court of public opinion [Facebook]

unless I am forced to take her to a court of law, at which time I will produce every document sent to me for this silly shit … Two weeks ago, Louisha Barnette of Pure Love Yoga, formerly known as Peach Cobbler Yoga, posted an Open Letter to Angel Dozier here on Facebook. The letter … Continue reading