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clearing. cleansing.

we're dual beings. each of us.some of us are born with a sharper sense of life's nuances, a double double entendre. me? i've been conscious of the clearing and cleaning up of my life for several months now.the idea that understanding both sides of a coin and working through that ideawithout the other side … Continue reading

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without… duality

without fear, there'd be no magic sense of couragewithout negative vibrations, there'd be no power through the rising aboveshould we have to be courageous, triumphant?I wish it were not truebut evil exists and we are confident in the victory of good over evil –gelle, who recognizes the war Continue reading

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a cuckoo bird popped up to the pop up after I had popped up on video live streamand laughedloudly,for no reasonother than to be seenseeking my attention, I saw her, shook my head in embarrassment for her, then deemed her invisible. there was no thing funny. no thing to see. –gelle, whose tourmaline, labradorite and … Continue reading

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the nutritional value of alfalfa sprouts

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