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42. A manifesto and where I’m from.

Today I’m 42. Because it’s my birthday, here is a manifesto and a where I’m from sprinkled with a Jackie Robinson and a psychic, poetic Piscean energy: I wish you so much love. I wish you reconciliation with your mother. Do what you’ve been talking about. Put your name on it. Be angry but work … Continue reading

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it’s amazing what you can get done… yeah, yeah, yeah.

truman supposedly said, it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit. i tend to agree with this, EXCEPT what about when other folks constantly take credit for your work as theirs without any acknowledgment? that’s not integrity to me. it’s true, i believe we are here to affirm ourselves. … Continue reading

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cloaking & crypticism. a new word suggestion and a surface level free-write on why i do it.

because i’m looking to study this and the mythological, spiritual, magical, and cryptic ways in which we as a people operate and how those things impact our unity, our kids in k-12 education, and determine for myself just how deep the isms run.   i released most of the blog drafts i had been keeping … Continue reading

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on accountability, part 2 perhaps

i have found that people say they want accountability but oftentimes, those people want validation or a cosign for their bullshit i have had these moments and have recognized them in myself and because of that recognition, i have chosen to do better and ask myself constantly “are you sure this is what it is?” … Continue reading