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getting on with it.

when your friend dies. when your children are targeted. when your community is broken, traumatized again and again. and when you still have work to do. clean house. feed families. practice breathing because you are human you know, when you get on with it because you have to clean house feed families practice breathing you … Continue reading

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speaking the truth about curators in durham

curators in durham don’t really have problems with each other. no, not really. what happens is, like with most things, there is one person who is: jealous insecure manipulative gossipy unhealthily competitive controlling, territorial, possessive and that person exhibits these behaviors masked in positivity performance so you don’t see them coming right away. when you … Continue reading

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cloaking & crypticism. a new word suggestion and a surface level free-write on why i do it.

because i’m looking to study this and the mythological, spiritual, magical, and cryptic ways in which we as a people operate and how those things impact our unity, our kids in k-12 education, and determine for myself just how deep the isms run.   i released most of the blog drafts i had been keeping … Continue reading

girl 6. she’s gotta have it + the themes in them all.
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girl 6. she’s gotta have it + the themes in them all.

have you noticed how things seemingly unrelated have the same vibe? spike lee movies are some of my favorites. it is because they were constantly challenging me to think, to be conscious when i was far from there– they were changing the game and making space for difficult but necessary conversation. after watching she’s gotta … Continue reading

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am free writing. soundtrack: looping i keep forgetting and just that part.

i keep forgetting… or i think to text e or omi while she’s on a biz trip and say hey, i taught your son(s) a little Spanish today. i run around a lot. i do a lot of things. all day long. i could write a list of what i have done this week — … Continue reading