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you’re 40! {repeat like you’re chirping} and this is 50

lol. add a crazy person (see my definitions of crazy somewhere around here, I mean the shaking my head kind, you know, the kind you can control, or at least i’d like to think you can control that kind of crazy) to ‘chirping’ so it reads {repeat like you’re a crazy person chirping} because that’s … Continue reading

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about mercury retrograde on dec 23

other than these words, the entire post is from intuitive astrology: mercury retrograde december 2017. these are not my words, rather words that have been significant throughout my transformation. a review of the past in order to affect my future. a recognition of lessons and a release. i leave the drama behind. i carry with … Continue reading

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i am so proud of me

I speak up. I stand up. I question. I do not accept your word for it. I will not let you get away with disrespecting me. I challenge. I let it go. Advertisements Continue reading

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badu said: green tea and incense will turn into colt 45 and a pack of newports indeed, it will. don’t be fooled. women like me are gentle and kind and open and empathetic and loving and magnetic but, women like me are rough around the edges. women like me are patient, but arrive at the point … Continue reading

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karma is an angry black woman. -gelle, who like karma, comes back around and up ones you. teaches you a lesson. is a mirror. will make you deal with yourself. you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. when she’s fed up, there ain’t nothing you can do about it. Advertisements Continue reading

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is the adinkra symbol tattoo I got when I spent summer 2010 in the bean. NKYINKYIM “twisting” symbol of initiative, dynamism and versatility Nkyinkyim: Principled Adaptability [PDF] is a great read. -gelle, who carries dynamism, initiative and versatility on her body Advertisements Continue reading