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this oprah speech tho, because nuance & patriarchy

it impacts us all. i am being a little in-your-face and self-righteous right now but really, I am so thankful to be in the number of women who see and believe and treat other women well. this system and these isms have made it difficult for women, especially black women to speak their truth and … Continue reading

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serendipity + sync-h-r-o-nicity

spells. spelling, serendipitous capture of the lady birds who have been visiting me to show that i am not.. well that i am crazy. today i got a witness. see my 6 definitions/connotations of crazy tho. i am crazy enough to believe in what i am yet to see. again and again and i trust … Continue reading

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forgetting. talking about me again.

so… i am pisces. whether you subscribe to astrology or not, sign’s tendencies are undeniable. when I was a kid, my memory was superb. i believe i have written this here or somewhere before… anyway, it was and as an adult i delve between extremes. sometimes superb recall and sometimes absentmindedness when something is right … Continue reading