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you are not to blame.

you ain’t the blame dude. just accept your shit tho. you ain’t the blame. the blame is shared. it’s nuanced. it’s all the academic words you don’t like to use because you feel a certain way about labels. you are being challenged. not blamed. and because you don’t know you are to blame like you … Continue reading

becoming / creative angst to let go of the bullshit / lasso of truth / mama said write it out / mercury retrograde / new moon

Do what you can to allow the omnipresent abundance of your life to permeate your every cell. Waste not one moment of this transit on doubting the growth you are doing. Waste not one moment of this transit refusing the gifts presented to you because you feel undeserving of them. Waste not one moment of this transit questioning your quest if it is one of curiosity, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to seeking the truth. Whatever we want to manifest must be grown in every moment of our lives. There is no one action we take to shift the tides. It is with each action we take that we shape the growth of our world. May we grow an unwavering commitment to creating spaces where healing is justice, and justice is healing. We need not any more growth of gluttony, excess, fear, or hatred. It’s time to grow our capacity to do right by ourselves, our neighbors, loved ones, ancestors, and future family members.

radical healing. expedited. no worries. Continue reading

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you have been unfair to me. on manipulation and hang ups.

to say expressing myself in the truth, not my truth, but the truth when attempting to correct the part where you came in is manipulation. it is unfair to me. because all your life is manipulation. you seem confused and unable to know the difference because all your life is manipulation. when you decided to … Continue reading

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Because this new moon is happening at the very end of Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio, it encourages us all to take the best of what Jupiter has offered us and plant it firmly in the ground of our lives. What have you come to know about the regenerative power of your own healing process? What have you been able to grow, develop, and expand upon this past year? — chani nicholas

forgiveness. to forgive and be forgiven. this is one of the major themes happening in my life as i contemplate the last year and a life time of growth and development. i haven’t been perfect. no one has. i acknowledge the karmic debt i have had to pay as a result of my choices. i … Continue reading

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Jupiter travelled through your 7th house from late 2006-late 2007. What did you develop in and through your committed partnerships during that time (business or personal)? Who came into your life that taught you something that is still with you? How are your current relationships, and the opportunities that they are bringing you, speaking to the themes from that time in your life? –chani nicholas

forgiveness. taking my rightful place in the world. that is what impacted my committed relationships and partnerships. they are mutable. they are dual. there is nuance. there is freedom. there is a push to work it out. there is an ongoing resolve. i shouldn’t have had to argue with my sister at my father’s funeral … Continue reading