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back in your court of public opinion [Facebook]

unless I am forced to take her to a court of law, at which time I will produce every document sent to me for this silly shit … Two weeks ago, Louisha Barnette of Pure Love Yoga, formerly known as Peach Cobbler Yoga, posted an Open Letter to Angel Dozier here on Facebook. The letter … Continue reading

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angie – new & improved

Happy 45th Birthday to the oldest of the 6. Her birthday is exactly 6 months after mine, 6 months before mine and she’s 6 years older than I am for 6 months. We are extreme opposites, however on paper, it’s easy to get the two of us confused because we have many, many things in … Continue reading

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She’s six years older. The oldest of the six of us. Today is her birthday. I want to call her and wish it a happy one. Throw her a party. Celebrate her life. This is what sisters do. She was born on the 27th of August.  I, on the 27th of February. Six months. The … Continue reading