poetry in motion. literally / What good do your words do if they can't understand you? / work in progress

free rights. free writes.

free writes are therapy for getting free for your rights fight to get free daily write out your rights, your plan to fight whatever comes to mind write it out. who cares what it looks or sounds like? you have the right to get free, to say that I am free, to write your freedom… … Continue reading

poetry in motion. literally

they know who i am hip hop

i’m fresh. my head is clear. my mentality, upwardly mobile i’m smart af. i’m fine af. i’m a great mom. i’ve got dope nappy hair! i’ve got long legs, extra long 2nd (princess) toes and a long vocabulary i’ve got a short attention span, short tolerance for bullshit, and a short high waist i’m devastating … Continue reading