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patriarchy. that part.

it’s all about intersectionality but my focus is on patriarchy right now. #becausepatriarchy #patriarchythatpart definitions of patriarchy–add your own definitions and parts of speech. this is a work in progress. patriarchy. having to or being conditioned to pretend you don’t know something when you do. patriarchy. staying silent or freezing up when a man, women, … Continue reading

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arguing with a fool, mercury in retrograde: nuanced

this is so raw. listen, You can not reason with a fool it just does not make sense to try just a few minutes ago and this has been on repeat for three weeks *eye roll* a community partner hit me with the idea that I should reconcile with my ex’s ex first of all, … Continue reading

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sunday morning wisdom from the street goddess: on vindication

just because you do something intentionally to make someone jealous or vindicate in some form, an imagined wrong doesn’t mean you’re successful in your narcissistic quest it does mean however, you are dumb. look in the mirror & fix yourself. please. –gelle, who thinks you should find a more intelligent use of your time Advertisements Continue reading

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gonna need me

some of you need me to be who what how I am. exactly as I am. you’re welcome. —gelle, who wrote these rhymes. Advertisements Continue reading

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opportunity knocking 1122

building. self-care as the means to curing busyness. when i’m out here in the streets looking tired af, i forget to carve out time to create/do the things i love, like listen to new music and analyze the how it is a progression from classic musical genres I vibrate to. today, i listened all the … Continue reading

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but birthdays tho 

now that I’ve expressed the negative energy I’m feeling, it left way for me to express the most positive energy I have created ever 2+4 years ago I gave birth he, my calming fire in a universe where energy can not be created nor destroyed. supposedly. Advertisements Continue reading

aint scared of you motherfarmers / raw / side eye / smh

chief beef

petty ill-placed, ill-timed and then you take advantage of my universal love and involve me, a portrayal of your intention unbeknownst to me, because for the most part I know, yet I take you at your word but, manipulating my cosign? it’s low key disrespectful and that’s that shit I don’t like. — gelle, who … Continue reading