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attention: update to a november post in july

from my mercury retrograde release journal on 7/8/18: two different people shared with me that a coward had been saying I’m making posts for likes and seeking attention. at the time I was addressing it passive aggressively because that was the energy that started it. Sometimes I address gossip, sometimes I don’t. I came to … Continue reading

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42. A manifesto and where I’m from.

Today I’m 42. Because it’s my birthday, here is a manifesto and a where I’m from sprinkled with a Jackie Robinson and a psychic, poetic Piscean energy: I wish you so much love. I wish you reconciliation with your mother. Do what you’ve been talking about. Put your name on it. Be angry but work … Continue reading

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patriarchy. that part.

it’s all about intersectionality but my focus is on patriarchy right now. #becausepatriarchy #patriarchythatpart definitions of patriarchy–add your own definitions and parts of speech. this is a work in progress. patriarchy. having to or being conditioned to pretend you don’t know something when you do. patriarchy. staying silent or freezing up when a man, women, … Continue reading

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sunday morning wisdom from the street goddess: on vindication

just because you do something intentionally to make someone jealous or vindicate in some form, an imagined wrong doesn’t mean you’re successful in your narcissistic quest it does mean however, you are dumb. look in the mirror & fix yourself. please. –gelle, who thinks you should find a more intelligent use of your time Continue reading