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dorin, my sister 1

“my method is always to light stalk you” she said. this is the light-heartedness i need and the kind of ‘stalking’ i welcome. dorin has constantly shone up for me. constantly popped up and brought the light with her. it is an exchange of energy and i love her for that. i, like her, have … Continue reading

self care / visionary / work in progress

steps on Cricket

because everything is a sign. naimonu james posted she had not “the spoons” to write the words last week dope words still it was a self care thing I had not checked them anyway. it was a self care thing I felt them. I had not read last week’s Chani Nicholas until yesterday but I … Continue reading

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949 on 8/28

should you decide to be honest… Advertisements Continue reading

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opportunity knocking 1122

building. self-care as the means to curing busyness. when i’m out here in the streets looking tired af, i forget to carve out time to create/do the things i love, like listen to new music and analyze the how it is a progression from classic musical genres I vibrate to. today, i listened all the … Continue reading