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on users

say, if you like get jealous because your best friend has a new Friend and you no longer have all of her attentionand you rebound with a new best friendand invite her to the islandsand take lots of picsposting, posing…do you thinkthat some dayyour new best friendwho doesn't know she's your new best friendbecause she … Continue reading

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sunday morning wisdom from the street goddess: on vindication

just because you do something intentionally to make someone jealous or vindicate in some form, an imagined wrong doesn’t mean you’re successful in your narcissistic quest it does mean however, you are dumb. look in the mirror & fix yourself. please. –gelle, who thinks you should find a more intelligent use of your time Continue reading

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introspection, honey traps & crowns

while there is dual or perhaps multiple meaning in my use of honey trap, i can’t help but to think about how the violence of untruth leads to a cycle of violence and how in-authenticity masqueraded as authenticity is rampant and destructive… unnecessarily destructive but validation though. fear and validation. it is much harder to … Continue reading

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no retirement for octagenarian jewel thief

I guessed her sun. I’m right. –gelle, AI is talking about practice. 💜💙 Advertisements Continue reading

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cleaning out my life (my phone) this year, part 1

:::lethal words warning::: i just spent an hour deleting photos from my iPhone some 300 exhibits of support so far… photos of a narcissist who has warned us to be careful into whom you invest your emotions and to whom you rely on for support because you just might find that person “isn’t for you” … Continue reading

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just get my name right

in the media because you have no idea. Advertisements Continue reading

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chief beef

petty ill-placed, ill-timed and then you take advantage of my universal love and involve me, a portrayal of your intention unbeknownst to me, because for the most part I know, yet I take you at your word but, manipulating my cosign? it’s low key disrespectful and that’s that shit I don’t like. — gelle, who … Continue reading