So Good

honey child

yesterday, the sweetest thing I’d known all day the sweetest thing with her face, discriminating… discerning the sweetest thing with her face, raising her not-even-two-year-old brow questioning, wondering with her purity, her innocence… the omniscience with which we are all born her gaze fixed, her wobbly stance unmovable, her brow still arising as if to … Continue reading

becoming / character & spirit / So Good

a bluebird in my dream flying, flitting

it was simple and picturesquely modern. the bluebird came through an open window pane, flew above my left eye… it was positive, and seemingly, inviting me out. interpretations: Birds in dreams usually represent transcendence and freedom as we overcome issues. Unusual or rare birds often symbolize very specific behaviors, attitudes, and thinking patterns we have. … Continue reading

lovejones / So Good

waist beads

rarely do I ever remove them. last night, went to a rooftop party. wore a sleeveless— jersey—knit—midi—shift dress in green that clings to every curve (including my little pot belly) on my body. you could see the imprint of my beads underneath so I considered removing them. a few seconds later, I said to myself, “nah, these … Continue reading