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attention: update to a november post in july

from my mercury retrograde release journal on 7/8/18: two different people shared with me that a coward had been saying I’m making posts for likes and seeking attention. at the time I was addressing it passive aggressively because that was the energy that started it. Sometimes I address gossip, sometimes I don’t. I came to … Continue reading

clapback + stand up #metoo
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clapback + stand up #metoo

Alyssa Milano and now Minnie Driver checked Matt Damon. It was appropriate, intelligent and a little around-the-way-girl. This is fodder for my Angela Davis comebacks. There is another great article written by Shanita Hubbard shared on Fb. I’m putting them both here because I need them to be on my becoming journal. Raw or conscious … Continue reading

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on releasing: comedy & amusing myself when i’m feeling petty

I’ve been posting a performance art piece, a series I’ve been calling self: on the daily. I’ve also been posting other aspects of my life as I transform and grow into my power. I’ve been working through a gen x self promo ideal and have come out of my secret places in an effort to … Continue reading

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on users

say, if you like get jealous because your best friend has a new Friend and you no longer have all of her attentionand you rebound with a new best friendand invite her to the islandsand take lots of picsposting, posing…do you thinkthat some dayyour new best friendwho doesn't know she's your new best friendbecause she … Continue reading

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sunday morning wisdom from the street goddess: on gratitude & energy thieves

i learned to be grateful for the folks who have been so negatively-energetically focused on me you have been so busy secretly, in complete denial & delusion, competing with me you have become distracted from how to beat me. the unbeatable me. and when i have found out I say, they say shoot for the … Continue reading