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say, if you like get jealous because your best friend has a new Friend and you no longer have all of her attentionand you rebound with a new best friendand invite her to the islandsand take lots of picsposting, posing…do you thinkthat some dayyour new best friendwho doesn't know she's your new best friendbecause she … Continue reading

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sunday morning wisdom from the street goddess: on gratitude & energy thieves

i learned to be grateful for the folks who have been so negatively-energetically focused on me you have been so busy secretly, in complete denial & delusion, competing with me you have become distracted from how to beat me. the unbeatable me. and when i have found out I say, they say shoot for the … Continue reading

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a cuckoo bird popped up to the pop up after I had popped up on video live streamand laughedloudly,for no reasonother than to be seenseeking my attention, I saw her, shook my head in embarrassment for her, then deemed her invisible. there was no thing funny. no thing to see. –gelle, whose tourmaline, labradorite and … Continue reading