girl 6. she’s gotta have it + the themes in them all.
becoming / changing the game / free right, free write / The Parenthetical

girl 6. she’s gotta have it + the themes in them all.

have you noticed how things seemingly unrelated have the same vibe? spike lee movies are some of my favorites. it is because they were constantly challenging me to think, to be conscious when i was far from there– they were changing the game and making space for difficult but necessary conversation. after watching she’s gotta … Continue reading

call out culture / conjure / create / jewels / lasso of truth / street goddess iset / The Parenthetical

serendipity + sync-h-r-o-nicity

spells. spelling, serendipitous capture of the lady birds who have been visiting me to show that i am not.. well that i am crazy. today i got a witness. see my 6 definitions/connotations of crazy tho. i am crazy enough to believe in what i am yet to see. again and again and i trust … Continue reading

The Parenthetical / this is so corny but i gotta write it out as it comes to get to where i want to be / who gon check me boo?

side-eye, unspoken

stepped to 95-live got the side-eye. from people I thought I was cool with. wtf. like really. but I dealt with a kid (more appropriately, b.a.n.) who is an incredible abuser, liar and manipulator and then I dealt with his peer (I know, I know) who KNOWINGLY dealt with me afterwards… so what did I, … Continue reading