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say, if you like get jealous because your best friend has a new Friend and you no longer have all of her attentionand you rebound with a new best friendand invite her to the islandsand take lots of picsposting, posing…do you thinkthat some dayyour new best friendwho doesn't know she's your new best friendbecause she … Continue reading

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sunday morning wisdom from the street goddess: on vindication

just because you do something intentionally to make someone jealous or vindicate in some form, an imagined wrong doesn’t mean you’re successful in your narcissistic quest it does mean however, you are dumb. look in the mirror & fix yourself. please. –gelle, who thinks you should find a more intelligent use of your time Continue reading

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desperation is defined by those who create deceptive narratives in order to cover their own inadequacies, it is not full of wonder. it does not see everyone’s value. desperation does not uplift its people. desperation pretends, leeches and then, destroys. desperation does not speak the truth. it lies on you and then lies to your … Continue reading

who gon check me boo?


I have decided I will move all publicly private free writes existing in dark corners having not been shared, non-affirming as a result of not having been shared back to the light of day. eventually. -gelle, who’ll get to it when it’s important enough to call her since she is trusting the amazing intuition that … Continue reading