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i am. yes.

the hands down line at the end is why i’m posting this here. there are some things i don’t like but for whatever reason, i needed to read about pisces today. something quick and balanced. these words are from– Pisces edits and emphasis is mine tho. In Pisces we meet the most emotional of the … Continue reading

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things my creditors would say

you look like a bag of money you look like you got a bag of money you look like you got money you know i know this is some bullshit but i need you to pay this money you sure don’t look like you don’t have any money *dials the natural light worker soul mission … Continue reading

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truth serum

romanz tea + cloves + gin + wine + coffee porter + art + people + community + spirit = that. truth. nakedness. I am about that life. It is about what has been done to me. It is not about what has been done to me. That is the lesson I was born to … Continue reading

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nuance, activists understand

how nuance applies conflict on the deepest of levels silence is violence. a person diminishing another’s humanity on a personal level influences the diminishing of humanity. all of ours. it is the same vibe. stand up. speak up. be brave. BE HONEST. facing it is hard but staying silent is harmful. Advertisements Continue reading

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egotism, emotional & spiritual abuse in the Black community

now, we all know what’s up in the Black Christian church but what about the newer idea of interracial and inter denominational spaces or yogic practices wherein white supremacy, in the form of respectability and societal sociopathy, lure seekers? and rather than lead, abuse? I imagine we’ve all been there. I am not sure that … Continue reading

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i should say no now

and communicate what is real no I don’t want it anymore many messages indicate you should not focus on what you don’t want there is a time 11 and a place 11 for that there is also a time to know. you must know what you do not want that takes time and the time … Continue reading

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a bird cacks the tambourine

yesterday and right now who is she what is she saying and then the sedeveria stem I was nursing in a kahlua glass incubator with sea shells, hematite, and quartz fell three stories to the ground. I heard the glass cack too but when I went to see the glass was not broken the glass … Continue reading