mercury retrograde / raw / work in progress

patriarchy. that part.

it’s all about intersectionality but my focus is on patriarchy right now. #becausepatriarchy #patriarchythatpart definitions of patriarchy–add your own definitions and parts of speech. this is a work in progress. patriarchy. having to or being conditioned to pretend you don’t know something when you do. patriarchy. staying silent or freezing up when a man, women, … Continue reading

a.i. talking about practice / free right, free write / gas money / What good do your words do if they can't understand you? / who gon check me boo? / work in progress

am free writing. soundtrack: looping i keep forgetting and just that part.

i keep forgetting… or i think to text e or omi while she’s on a biz trip and say hey, i taught your son(s) a little Spanish today. i run around a lot. i do a lot of things. all day long. i could write a list of what i have done this week — … Continue reading