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getting on with it.

when your friend dies. when your children are targeted. when your community is broken, traumatized again and again. and when you still have work to do. clean house. feed families. practice breathing because you are human you know, when you get on with it because you have to clean house feed families practice breathing you … Continue reading

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the heat: transformation to manifestation. a photo journal and a film.

when transformation becomes manifestation. today is the day. my sabbatical. 04.04.2018 a time of rest and review on the way to my higher. i made a film about it. here it go…   geesix practicing. a film of 1-2-3 second clips. • mercury retrograde blue moons and when salt nor beating it with a shoe puts … Continue reading

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speaking the truth about curators in durham

curators in durham don’t really have problems with each other. no, not really. what happens is, like with most things, there is one person who is: jealous insecure manipulative gossipy unhealthily competitive controlling, territorial, possessive and that person exhibits these behaviors masked in positivity performance so you don’t see them coming right away. when you … Continue reading